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A Basic Introduction To Carp Fishing Rigs

18/10/2013 11:20

Carp fishing is as popular as ever, and there are always beginner carp fishermen trying their hand at angling. Of course, many of them do not even know what to do because they have not been alongside a guide that can provide them with instructions. While giving it a go is fine, it's best that you do learn a thing or two prior to deciding you're going to go catch some carp.

Do not go for those special carp fishing rigs you see in the fishing magazines. These are often for special situations and not for basic every day carp fishing. Besides, what you really want to do is start out small prior to attempting to catch those huge carp. As you learn more, you can take on more, but give yourself a chance to learn the basics first.

If you want to be a carp fishermen you definitely need to build confidence. Knowledge about the basic rigs to use when fishing can help you build this confidence. You must also know what bait and other tackle to use as well. The rigs that you should start out with are the bolt rig, inline lead, hybrid rig, mono rig and running ledger rig. The rigs described for you are going to allow you to go carp fishing in any water conditions.

These basic rigs will provide you with a needed introduction to carp fishing. It's not going to be easy, but it's where you need to get started. Once you have developed a proficiency with these basic rigs, you can then start attempting the other rigs that are available for carp fishing as well. If you're a beginner carp fisherman who has not had much experience fishing in the past at all, then the basic mono rig should be the first one you try. After you become proficient with this rig, you can then move on to the others. This one is easier to use and does not have any attachments that are complicated. The mono rig has what is called the knot-less knot, and it has really changed the way other rigs have been produced over the years also.

Know what size bait you are going to use with this rig so that you can determine the hook size. Once you have this matched up with your mono rig, you're ready to go. Happy carp fishing to you!